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Below are some recent actual testimonials from past members of RNQuiz.com  These testimonials have not been doctored, or edited in any way.  Want to add yours? click here.

Member Testimonials


"I was writing to let you all know that I am a RN as of yesterday. I went to take my state boards and I passed. I had 204 questions and 60% of the test was on medications. I had taken the boards several times with no success. But I finally passed. Thank God!!!   Thanks so much and may God bless you all."



"Your study course Rocked I've taken many other courses and had no luck on passing my NCLEX, but after taking your RNQuiz I Passed with only having to take the minimum numbers of questions (75). Thank You Very Much... I would love to be one of your advising members on how your course prepared me to Pass My NCLEX.  Jim of Alabama"

Jim M.


"My testimony is a source of inspiration to those about to write the RN NCLEX, this is true and factual. I'm a foreign trained nurse (Canadian). While planning to write this NCLEX, I studied and practiced with different nclex reviews :kaplan, ncsbn, exampro,davis,mosby, saunders. On my first attempt, got 75 questions and failed, very disappointing but never gave up. I started going through different testimonies and I came across RNQUIZ.com signed up for it and took my exams in less than 8weeks after signing up, to the glory of the lord I passed my RN NCLEX on second attempt with 226 questions, I ran out of time and the computer shut me down, I'm like not again, two days later got my result, could not believe it , I got those four letter words that means so much to turn my life around (PASS)I'm now an RN, this website is super good, it's very straightforward and easy to grasp but in addition to DAVIS- This is also an excellent review book, people waiting to take the exam go check DAVIES review out. Goodluck and pls, pray and pray for all things are possible with GOD."


"I found this web site very useful n had good stuff to study thanks a lot . I took my exam for the first time n passed it n I am so happy. I would will recommend this site to some of my friends too."

Diana M.


"It's a real guarantee to pass the NCLEX after using your package. I passed 3 days ago!"



"I just found out after an agonizing week of waiting for my results I am not a registered nurse in the state of Alaska! Used this site to prepare for my boards and passed on the first try! I had 231 questions, whew I am so relieved!"

Sara from Alaska


"Your site is terrific, I took my boards two days ago and passed with flying colors on the first try! What I like best about your program is the easy to understand concept and immediate test questions with immediate results!!! Thank you for making a stressful event much less trying!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK!

Laura R, R.N.


"Just to let you know, I'm not experiencing any technical problems, presently. I filled out that form that I sent to you, as I thought it was supposed to be filled out and e-mailed to you. It's a great study program, and I'm really enjoying your materials. Thank you. "



"Thank you for a wonderful website and review, I have just passed the NCLEX!! Your website Rocks! I have told all of my friends who have yet to take the NCLEX about your site! Thank you."





"took the nclex for the fourth time yesterday and got 75 questions after 6 mos of being out of school i finally passed!!!! don't loose hope u can all do it! "



"This site was very helpful.  Took the NCLEX on the 21st.  Got 100 and passed.  Guys go back to the basics such as this site and read and you will pass."




"I cleared my NCLEX - RN exam on 2nd try... I was reading 10 hours a day and I prepared it for  for 2.5 months..."




"I finally passed!!!  I took the exam this week, 265 questions and 5.5 hours later.  This was my fourth time.  I left the test feeling so bad and I was sure that I had not passed.  DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!!"




"Just wanted to let you know great site. I have took my boards 2 times with 265 questions. I retook for the third time with 78 questions. As of this moment I am officially a Registered Nurse in the state of North Carolina. Thank You so much for the great study material."




"I passed my NCLEX on the 3rd attempt using this site. Thanks alot for the great site!"




"Thanks for the great review.  The questions were a great way to practice.  I was able to pass my boards with 75 questions this time.  This review gave me the courage to try again. Thanks."